Bromley Bee Early Years — a boon for your baby

By – Sabrina N Bhuiyan

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As most parents would agree, sending your precious little one to school for the very first time can be a daunting experience. Since birth, or actually since the moment of conception, we parents become selfless caregivers, putting the child’s needs first, making sure they are loved, safe, happy and blooming. They become the centre of our universe; a form of love so deep and heightened that everything else pales in comparison and that little person becomes all-consuming.

We guard them with our lives, do not let them come in harm’s way and hope to keep them cocooned with love and safety for as long as we can. Then, as the years pass and they grow older, we also need to let them spread their wings and fly, for just being a loving parent is not enough.

Every child needs to step out of their comfort zone to learn the ways of the world to blossom into a healthy, rounded individual. As he or she learns to adapt to new environments, meet new people and engage with challenging surroundings meaningfully, they are likely to grow up to be efficient, valuable adults.

This is where a preschool plays a crucial role.

A relatively new concept in Dhaka, a preschool prepares young children before they start proper schooling. Children from the age of two to three fall in this category. ‘Bromley Bee Early Years’ operates within the Early Years Foundation Stage, a British framework that focuses on developing the prime and specific areas of each child’s learning before starting school.

The scope of EYFS includes seven areas of learning; the first three are communication and language, physical development and personal, social and emotional development. It further focuses on four more specific areas — literacy, mathematics, understanding the world, and expressive art and design. Experienced and qualified practitioners that have been trained following the British standard provide guidance to little learners who actively engage in various activities that are geared towards learning. Free flow is encouraged by Farhin Ashrafi, owner and director, who feels toddlers should not be bound to a rigid structure that limits freedom of expression and playfulness.

Children are encouraged to explore and discover their new environment while teachers cleverly incorporate lessons within. It not only yields better results, but young minds remain open to learning new things every day. Day care is another service that is provided where children from six months of age to six years are cared for by hands-on professionals with certification in first aid, safeguarding, health and safety, and food hygiene.

Bromley Bee Early Years is the first of its kind in more ways than one. To begin with, all members of the staff have been handpicked by their British counterparts, who routinely and stringently monitor all activities. They are all graduates from leading private universities; with background checks conducted before employment. The entire facility has been designed following strict British standards that focus on child safety. The whole property is under constant surveillance and parents can monitor their children.

Lastly, dedicated practitioners care for children with maternal affection. Every child is well-cared for, as the student-teacher ratio is small ensuring individual attention. An outdoor space offers children freedom to explore nature.

When searching for the right school, all parents face multiple challenges. Putting your precious one in the hands of strangers can be difficult. Bromley Bee Early Years offers trial sessions where both parents and children can get the feel of the place. You may enter as a stranger, but you are sure to leave as a friend! The staff are friendly, warm and kind, and immediately put your worried mind at ease. Located at House-23, Road-118, Gulshan Bromley Bee Early Years is, without a doubt, the best place for your baby!

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