Alia R Ashrafi, an early year educator, and mother of two children, lives in Bromley, Kent, UK. Describing childcare and early year education as the foremost passion of her life, Alia served NHS ( National health Service Uk) for 8 years as a medical admin and summariser. She regularly travels Bangladesh every year and has always had a strong urge to do something for the children of Bangladesh, her native land. She takes pride having afforded the great opportunity to serve people in BD with her knowledge and experience in early year education.

Rahena has been working in the education sector for the last five to seven years. With extensive qualification and knowledge in the EYFS department, Rahena has taken a very passionate approach to managing children’s behaviour and developing an understanding of children’s psychology. She has worked in several schools specializing in the early years’ foundation gaining invaluable experience in nursery, reception, year 1, year 2, and year 4 throughout her teaching career. In addition, she has an excellent insight into the UK curriculum which she will be implementing in Bromley Bee. Making use of all her expertise in the education sector, she will create an opportunity for the children in Bromley Bee to build a bigger and brighter future.

Farhin Ashrafi, lives in Dhaka, Bangladesh is a practicing architect, who has always been passionate about creating some world class environments for children in our country. Using her knowledge of architecture, she wants to break away from the existing practices of childcare environment in Dhaka, and is determined to ensure a carefully planned, calm and peaceful interior atmosphere for children that allows for moderation, reflection and tranquility. This is very important for children for their emotional, familial as well as social development