Personal, Social and Emotional Development (Exceeding Descriptors

Personal, Social and Emotional Development (Exceeding Descriptors

Self-Confidence & Self-Awareness

  1. Confident speaking to a class group.
  2. Can talk about the things they enjoy, and are good at, and about the things they do not find easy.
  3. Resourceful in finding support when they need help or information.
  4. Can talk about the plans they have made to carry out activities and what they might change if they were to repeat them.

Managing Feelings and Behaviour

  1. Knows some ways to manage their feelings and is beginning to use these to maintain control.
  2. Can listen to each other’s suggestions and plan how to achieve an outcome without adult help.
  3. Knows when and how to stand up for themselves appropriately.
  4. Can stop and think before acting and can wait for things they want.

Making Relationships

  1. Plays group games with rules.
  2. Understands someone else’s point of view can be different from theirs.
  3. Resolves minor disagreement s through listening to each other to come up with a fair solution.
  4. Understands what bullying is and that this is unacceptable behaviour.

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