BromleyBee Art & Craft Week – Independence Day Special (From 24th to 31th March)

When it comes to dealing with children, you have to let all heaven (no, not hell) break loose. Well, come to think of it…. no formula but a sense of pure freedom is what allows children to grow and flourish. And if that is not heaven, what is then? Keeping this in mind, in the week of the Independence Day, Bromly Bee Early Years is going to arrange a week-long art and craft activities for children to showcase their abilities through thumb art, hand arts, spoon art to name a few. Let your kids take the advantage of these fun activities that will not only be gateway to unleash their hidden potentials but also a great way to nurture and inculcate the hidden potentials with nothing but just a pinch of colors!!

List of Week-long Activities:

Thumb Art – Flower Vase – National Objects (Independence Day Celebration) – Hand Arts + Bunny – Penholders with Photoframe – Spoon Art + Bird – Hatched Chicken – Cut Paste Activity – Paper Fairy Doll, Mouse

Too hectic? Not at all because there will be Special Massage Therapy Sessions by Hydro Baby to keep them fit to go for more!!

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  1. Hello!
    My baby daughter is just turned 1 year last month. Do you have any program designed for this age group? And I don’t want to send my baby everyday for the pre school program, will it be okay in your curriculum? Also please let me know about the fees and registration process.


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